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How are you doing in 2020?

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As we all know,at the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of "new coronavirus pneumonia" outbreak completely disrupted the rhythm of our lives.

In the face of the globalization of the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, some people think that 2020 is dangerous, and some people think it is an opportunity.


Some factories were repulsed by this invisible epidemic ― they closed down, and some of factories had no orders.

Some factories seized the opportunity and lifeline of this epidemic and constantly improved better products and solutions.

At the same time, our factory has been reopened early, and the production workshop has also been busy everyday. 


Our professional R & D team has also designed new and progressive headset for the customer market. 

Our Quality Department has not slackened and strictly controlled the quality of products.

Our sales team not only provides effective and fast services to our customers but also analyzes the customer market to provide them with effective sales.

Yousound has not been defeated by this invisible epidemic, but constantly satisfies the customer market, improves well the solution,let our advantages (Gaming headset) be better, as the saying goes: there is no best but only better.


YouSound are not just creators and suppliers, we will always be the backing of our customers.

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