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The History Of Headphone

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With the rapid development of technology, headphones are a familiar and easily overlooked product

that has appeared in our lives, and the development history of headphones has been more than 

130 years.

Not only has the appearance changed greatly, but the functional and sound quality 

has become more and more powerful.

Do you know the history of headphones?

The following is a brief introduction to how the headphones occupy our ears step by step.

In 1910 Nathaniel Baldwin made the first pair of audio headphones, 

that was picked up by the royal navy. 


It wasn’t until 1937 that the first pair of dynamic headphones for home use 

was invented by the German company BayerDynamic. 


However, in 1958 John Koss invented the first ever stereo headphones, 

the Koss SP-3, as a jazz lover he was tired of using the low-quality headphones 

used by radio operators. 


Due to the continuous development of advanced social technology,headphones have changed dramatically.

Headphones have more and more functions

including Bluetooth, direct-read SD card, U disk, with MPS function, battery, FM radio, 

microphone, touch, waterproof, and can be connected to TV for use and change vocals.

There are also specialized classifications for headset positioning

such as professional gaming headsets, professional recording headsets, 

monitoring headsets, and special headphones for examination etc.

Headphones are also divided into wired and wireless,

and there are two kinds of wireless headphones, 

one is a headphone system that transmits signals with infrared rays, 

and the other is a headphone system that uses radio waves to transmit signals. 

Of course, the development of headphones must thank our great inventors. 

Because of the emergence of headphones,we can make the headphones more and more extreme and stylish

As a professional gaming headset manufacturer, we must keep pace with the times, constantly innovate and provide with good quality and service to our customers.

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