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What Will Cause A Sensation After The PS5 Launch Conference

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The emergence of PS5 is exciting and worrying.

What is exciting is the improvement of its new features and sexual functions, running true 4K games, and ensuring a smoothness of 60 frames per second. The new functions of the controller include Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers.

What is worrying is the compatibility of the PS5 game lineup. Although it will be backward compatible, it is not that simple. Because there are too many classic games on PS4, it would be a pity if you can’t play on PS5, so many gamers are worried and hope that PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games.

Some people thought PS5 launch will boost PS4 game frequency.


Sony has already told us that most PS4 games should be compatible with the PlayStation 5. But a couple days ago, Sony revealed some additional information about this backwards compatibility, and let us know that PS5 will boost PS4 game frequency, allowing for better performance than was possible on the PS4.


Talk about the characteristics of PS5 modeling:

The shape of the PS5 looks from the appearance of a dynamic twisted white board wrapped with a black body, and the blue light stream is dotted between them. It looks simple and not simple. It is enough to have a sci-fi and weird feeling at first glance. Is this the so-called design sense.




PS5 also caused a lot of controversy in terms of price. At present, most of the online prices for PS5 are concentrated in two stalls of $399 and $499.

In fact, in terms of the configuration of PS5 in the current environment, the price of PS5 is set at 450-499 US dollars, which may be more likely, because the price of the past PS console series is also close to the cost.The games and services is Sony's profit main direction. In this way, the price of PS5 is probably floating between 3300-3999 RMB. Judging from the opinions of online players, this price level is more in line with what most people can accept. Of course, if you can reach the 3000 RMB position, it is really a conscience, I believe it will attract more players to start.

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